The youth are faced with many challenges when it comes to their Sexual Reproductive Health Rights, this results to the numerous information barriers and at times inaccurate and misleading information on their Sexual Reproductive Health. In addition, many youth are unable to access youth friendly facilities where they can freely and comfortably get this information.

HIV is the leading cause of death among people aged (10-24) in Africa and 2nd leading cause globally. In 2016, 2.1. Million people between (10-19) years living with HIV and 260,000 became newly infected with the virus with, an increase in the number of adolescents being infected. Young women are likely to acquire HIV as compared to young men due to exposure to things such as being commercial sex workers. Unprotected sex is the most common route of infection among young people.

There are many factors that put young people at an elevated risk for HIV. Early adulthood is a critical period of development when significant physical and emotional changes occur due to the transition from childhood to adulthood which is also time considered to explore relationships,

Girls are mostly forced into unwanted sex or marriage therefore putting them at risk of unsafe abortions, unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and dangerous childbirth.

Practice of safe sex is mandatory in reducing the number of deaths of the youth caused by HIV and also deaths caused by unsafe abortions, death during childbirth and also avoid teenage pregnancies and this can only be achieved if the youth have access to comprehensive sexual reproductive health services

At FHOK youth centers, the youth are able to access youth friendly services and information in regards to their sexual and reproductive health, visit us.