About Family Care Medical Clinics

Family Health Options kenya’s medical clinics offer full range of outpatient and inpatient services and also Information on Sexual Reproductive Health including Family Planning. Services are also offered within and outside the facilities during Outreaches.


All people exercising their sexual rights and accessing quality SRH services.


To provide and champion for quality comprehensive integrated SRH information and services to all: with special focus on youth and marginalized groups through our innovative delivery programming and capacity building.

Family Care Medical Centres are costs and resource mobilization units of FHOK. It is however the organization’s mandate to reach out to all underserved and inaccessible populations in the country. FHOK has a pricing policy and client service charter for the FCMCs. The policy zeros on providing affordable, quality and easily accessible services to all. In view of this, all the facilities are classified as urban, peri-urban and cost centres with different pricing.