…FHOK was founded by foresighted volunteers which included the late Dr. Samson Mwathi, a and Meshack Ndisi who, having understood the role of Planned Parenthood in the development of a nation, dedicated their time and resources to forming an organization through which Kenyans could access FP information and services in 1957. Through their efforts and a few individuals FHOK (FPAK then) was legally recognized in 1962.

Governance & Policy Making Organs of the Organization

The constitution regulates the business of the organization through various organs.

  • ADC: Formulates the policies of the Association
  • NEC
  • Branch Committees
Sub Committees of NEC

  • Audit Sub-Committee
  • Tender Sub-committee
  • Programme Development Sub Committee
  • Disciplinary and Appeals Sub Committee.

Youth policy various organs (Youth Action Movement-YAM)

  • Annual Youth Forum
  • YAM National Executive Committee
  • YAM Branch committee

Different levels of Volunteer support

With time the movement gained strength and overwhelming support from Kenyans from all walks of life. In order to streamline support, it was thought wise to have different categories of membership depending on personal circumstances of those desiring to serve the organization. The Organization volunteers provide oversight, policy guidance, direction and leadership. Following are different categories of membership:
Life members: This is open to any person who has attained the age 18 and who satisfies the terms and conditions that the Annual Delegates Conference approves.
Ordinary members: This is open to any person, aged 18 years and over.
Corporate members: Open to Associations or Companies, Corporation or groups of persons